Friday, June 17, 2011

The Attagag Version 2.0

The Attagag is moving to a new time and day this summer.

The show will return to the airwaves on Tuesday, June 21st at 5:30pm CST on Radio DePaul: Chicago's College Connection (, the link is on the right of this page).

After spending the past several months as a morning drive show, I figure now is the perfect time to move to an evening show. Hopefully this will bring in more listeners. The show's format will be altered for the new time.

For instance, there won't be a news and weather spot at the top of the second hour. I will still deliver weather and maybe something interesting from the headlines (like something stupid or local).

Also in the past (especially during the first few weeks of the show) I tried giving away prizes (or rather bribes to get listeners, like movie tickets to second-rate Hollywood movies like No Strings Attached and The Eagle). I will not be giving away prizes anymore. This isn't a commercial station. Since this is a hobby I don't plan on wasting valuable airtime to other people's interests unless they interest me. (For example, if someone wishes to promote a charitable cause or a party in which I can genuinely help out or am invited, then I will promote such cause). I'm only on-air two hours, once a week. I can't waste any time.

Last month, the show was nominated for two awards at the inaugural Radio DePaul Awards: Best Show and Most Interactive Host. I did not win either one (and did not expect to.) I would like to improve more on the interaction between me and the listeners. I already have you guys sending me your requests online and via text but there must be more. I'm toying around with the idea of having people call in if there's a story or a topic I wanna discuss on-air (topical stuff like summer plans, BBQs, worst night out, best surprise birthday parties, lousy summer jobs, etc)

Here's a song I might play on Tuesday. It's from a band named after a US senator, Henry Clay (1777-1852).

Tune into "The Attagag", Tuesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm CST starting June 21st!

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