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The Essential John C. Reilly Youtube Collection

The Essential John C. Reilly YouTube Collection

This is a companion piece for my feature on John C. Reilly. He spoke with fans at the Chicago International Film Festival on October 12. His latest film, We Need To Talk About Kevin, debuted at the festival.

South Side native John C. Reilly began acting at age eight, when he participated in “dram-ma” workshops, which led to a prolific output in high school productions throughout town, and his time at DePaul’s Theatre School. From there, it has snowballed into a rich career that has resulted in one of the most impressive filmographies ever complied on IMDB. Here are some of Reilly’s most memorable roles.

Boogie Nights (1997)
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

This deleted scene, which appears on the DVD, was largely improvised, among several other scenes in which his character, the coke-fueled porn star Reed Rothchild rambles on about stealing back tapes, pumping iron at the gym, and Satanists.

Chicago (2002)
Director: Rob Marshall

Reilly earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor as the husband of accused murderer turned overnight celebrity Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger). Here he is singing his heart out with “Mr. Cellophane”.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)
Director: Jake Kasdan

This parody of musical biopics that often become awards-baiting movies was ironically up for some awards, including two Golden Globe nods for Reilly (Best Motion Picture Actor in a Musical or Comedy and Best Original Song).

Step Brothers (2008)
Director: Adam McKay

According to Reilly, there has been talk of creating a sequel to this bizarre and hilarious comedy about two middle-aged men who become step brothers and their adventures on this unique journey. “It would give us so much extra space in our room for activities!” This is a sequel that should happen.

“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” (2007-2010) and “Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule” (2010)

“I met them in a bowling alley,” said Reilly, “which is where I meet all the important people in my life.” The idea of improvising for Tim and Eric fascinated Reilly. “(Adult Swim) don’t ask for a script AND you have a green screen?! I’ll do it!” He created the role of Dr. Steve Brule, a public television personality who is just as awkward as he appears.

Wine country

Health segment


Cedar Rapids (2011)
Director: Miguel Arteta

When Tim (Ed Helms) goes to Cedar Rapids for an insurance convention, Reilly’s hedonistic Dean takes him under his wing and opens his eyes on how to take in a life on the wild side.

Carnage (2011)
Director: Roman Polanski

Reilly had to turn down the Broadway production of God of Carnage due to scheduling conflicts. When Polanski offered him the role, he flew to Paris and shot this adaptation, which is already generating awards buzz. This highly anticipated movie hits theatres on December 16.

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