Monday, January 13, 2014

Music Overlooked in 2013: Part 1

Music Overlooked: Since January is often empty when it comes to new music (and pop culture) releases, it's easy to check out what songs you many have missed in the previous year. This is a short series on the bands and songs that I did not heard about or get a chance to get out in 2013.

Secret Colours "Blackhole"

This Chicago group, which formed in 2010, describe themselves as "the bastard seed of 60s psychedelia and 90s Britpop bloodlines." The psychedelic vibes are present in their sophomore release, Peach, but they don't dominate enough to interfere with their performance.

The History of Apple Pie "Don't You Wanna Be Mine?"

Coming out of London, the history of this band began on Myspace, where they posted tracks to share with friends and prospective listeners. This is what shoegaze would sound like if it was a bit more cheerful.

Cub Sport "Paradise"

This summer-style jam is great for those who are enduring the aftermath of the record-breaking snowstorm and subsequent colder-than-the-Arctic wind chills. Oddly enough, the song was released in June 2013, when it's winter in Australia, which is where Cub Sport is from. (They hail from Brisbane.) It seems like they are in an eternal summer mindset, which works well for their breezy and slightly calm pop-rock.

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